Glass balustrading

Glass balustrading

The clean modern look of an all glass balustrade can be very striking while at the same time offering the protection that all barriers are designed to do.

Frameless –

usually 15mm or 19mm toughened glass fitted into a custom designed aluminium ‘U’ channel – suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. For complete protection we advocate using toughened laminated glass. This means if for any reason a toughened panel shatters, the laminate interlayer will hold the unit together until a replacement is fitted

Semi frameless –

As above, but with a handrail attcahed to the glass via brackets or sitting on top of the glass, thereby tieing the glass panels together into a unit. This option gives greater protection as the handrail maintains the barrier effect in the event of a glass panel shattering for any reason

Post & rail

Usually stainless steel post systems, available in both indoor and outdoor grades, with fittings to allow clamping or bolting of the glass lites. Suitable for all areas from domestic to Public, they offer a wide range of architectural features to cater for the most discerning tastes.