Our Services

Bend it

We can bend glass up to 2.4M wide x 3.4M high

Colour it

When glass is coloured, it adds zest and vitality to the

Work it

Our processing facilities include the following:

Design it

Our design work focuses on the areas where our glass is used most.

Mirror it

Mirror glass can be cut to any size and shape, and can be further

Assemble it

With the huge range of stainless steel and aluminium fittings

Our Products

Why Choose Us?

A company formed in 1973, we are comfortable in doing jobs others shy away from. Look at the many ideas out there and send us photos of what appeals to you. We will quickly tell you if it's within our scope and abilities to do it - or not.

Glass allows light to flood in and enhance all living and working environments, something that's recognised as being vitally important for our physical and mental well being. It's a beautiful and versatile material that blends in equally well with both old world and modern architecture.
Also it will retain its strength and durability for many years to come,even in harsh environments .

You're not a professional trades person, but you have an idea and you want to know the answer to some basic questions; What glass will I use, how safe is it, is there a difference between glass being used for internal purposes as opposed to external purposes? There's lots to consider, so if you're at the desigm stage of a project that you're hoping to do, please give us a call, we'd love to help.

If you are a trade professional in glazing, joinery, steel fabrication, office partitioning, kitchens etc and you're looking for a trusted supplier for all your off standard glass products, why not give us a call. We will deliver on time with assured quality guaranteed.

Custom designed bespoke projects can be tricky and unforgiving by their very nature. With more than 20 years experience in processing curved and flat glass, we feel we have a lot to offer by way of advice in many aspects of design and implementation. Contact us at info@trucurve.com, we would be delighted to help.