Curved double glazing

We can offer a complete service when it comes to curved double glazed units, from the small georgian sized unit with the slim 7mm sightline to the large sized units, silicone sealed for butt jointing.

Standard units:
The majority of our units are used in timber or PVC frames and incorporate a 'warmedge' spacer bar sealed with hotmelt butyl. Standard sightline is 12mm from the edge of the unit. When sealed using Argon gas, they generally achieve a 'U value' of 1.3

Georgian or Heritage units:
Where conservation takes first priority and sashes are made with rebates 10mm wide, it's important to be able to fit units that provide the necessary insulation while not taking away from the authentic look of the window. With a sightline of only 7mm, our georgian units will not extend beyond the line of the glazing bar, while still giving the necessary freedom to glaze them. Drawn sheet glass is sometimes used to give the 'wavy reflection' normally associated with these windows, further enhancing the authentic look.

Silicone sealed units for butt jointing applications:
Where a butt jointed installation is preferred to a fully glazed option, it is necessary to seal the units using a suitable silicone. To ensure the integrity of these units it also means using our 'Triseal spacer bar' as the silicone seal is a more porous seal than the hotmelt butyl.